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Fromagerie La Chaudière

Counting calories? Want to fit into those pants again that looked so good on you? Well, here is a neat little diet trick! Made with pasteurized skim milk, BEN D’ADON! contains only 6% milk fat but is ripe with the flavour and good taste of La Chaudière cheeses. So go ahead and satisfy your guilty pleasure. Even your scale won’t know the difference! This cheese is available in blocks of various sizes.

Why BEN D’ADON!? The cheese maker gives the cheeses humorous names with local flair. The Quebec expression “ben d’adon” is normally used to denote a person that is helpful and easy to get along with. Because it is a light cheese that can help someone who is counting their calories, it is truly a helpful cheese. The packaging reads “BEN D’ADON! Le goûter léger”, because it is a great, light snack. The Choquette family has been making a whole series of cheeses since 1976, proudly displaying the identity and accents from here. The Lac-Mégantic cheese maker is the fourth generation to continue the tradition of making cheeses from here, following in the footsteps of founder Vianney Choquette.

BEN D’ADON! is available from the cheese maker and at a variety of grocery stores in the Cantons-de-l’Est, Chaudière-Appalaches, Montérégie and Centre-du-Québec regions.

Reduced-fat cheeses (less than 20%)
M.G. : 6 % Moisture : 55 %

How to enjoy it

  • With fresh fruit
  • In salads
  • Grated on fresh pasta
  • In quiches and omelettes
  • In soups
  • In scrambled eggs
  • With meat and vegetables
  • In dishes served au gratin
  • In sandwiches
  • In fondues
  • To thicken sauces

Cheese shops

Fromagerie La Chaudière

3226, Laval-Nord
Lac-Mégantic (Québec)
G6B 1A4
819 583-4664
1 800 667-4330

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