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La Raclette Champêtre

Fromagerie Champêtre

Aged for 45 to 90 days in a controlled room, this semi-soft, washed-rind cheese is made with pasteurized milk. Beneath its orangey, slightly bloomy rind, you’ll find a smooth, homogenous interior with a pronounced aroma typical of the Lanaudière region and a buttery taste. Its texture is tender, creamy and very soft when served plain. In a raclette, the cheese becomes more robust once toasted, to the great delight of enthusiasts of all ages.

The Presqu’île is available in speciality shops and in supermarkets.

Raclette From Here
M.G. : 26% Moisture : 47%

How to enjoy it

  • In salads or soups
  • In fondues and béchamel sauces
  • Melted on crackers
  • On potatoes with lardoons or bacon
  • In a raclette
  • In dishes served au gratin
  • On pizzas
  • In pasta dishes

Cheese shops

Fromagerie Champêtre

415, rue des Industries
Le Gardeur (Québec)
J5Z 4Y8
450 654-1308

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