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Fromagerie La Chaudière

This lactose-free, semi-soft, rindless cheese is made with organic, partially skimmed, pasteurized milk using plant-based microbial enzymes, not animal rennet. It is indispensable to all your cooked dishes and perfect for a cheese platter. This mozzarella has a delicate milk and butter taste.

For its organic cheeses, the cheese maker uses organic milk from farms near its home in Lac-Mégantic. Its cheeses are certified by Québec Vrai, meaning they are made without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, chemical additives or antibiotics. The certification guarantees that both animal welfare and environmental protection standards have been met. The Fromagerie La Chaudière offers healthy, high-quality products, and it uses manufacturing methods that are friendly to the environment and promote sustainable development.

ORGANIC OLD STYLE MOZZARELLA is available from the Fromagerie La Chaudière and at several natural food stores and specialty grocery stores.  

How to enjoy it

  • In salads or soups
  • In fondues and béchamel sauces
  • Melted on crackers
  • On potatoes with lardoons or bacon
  • In a raclette
  • In dishes served au gratin
  • On pizzas
  • In pasta dishes

Cheese shops

Fromagerie La Chaudière

3226, Laval-Nord
Lac-Mégantic (Québec)
G6B 1A4
819 583-4664
1 800 667-4330

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