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What is Organic Cheese?

What is Organic Cheese? - Visual

Organic cheeses are made with organic milk from farms that are concerned with respecting nature’s balance and ensuring the well-being of animals.

Cows that produce this milk are fed organic foods with no synthetic chemicals. In addition, farmers maintain their grazing areas without any pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and refrain from using hormones or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

According to current regulations, before a product can be marketed as an organic product, a producer must apply for a certification and submit to annual inspections. To be eligible, the producer must follow certain specifications regarding animal farming, including providing therapeutic care to animals with natural products, and feeding them with organic farming products. The name and logo of a certification organization must appear on the label of a certified organic product.

The following certification organizations are the only organizations entitled to certify organic company in Québec.

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