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ANCO Havarti
ANCO Havarti
ANCO Havarti
ANCO Havarti
ANCO Havarti

ANCO Havarti

Fromagerie d’Oka - Agropur



M.F. : 32% Moisture : 45%

Made of pasteurized milk and cream, ANCO Havarti is a semi-soft rindless cheese with a smooth, shiny surface. It has small holes and a supple texture. It has a buttery aroma and a mild hazelnut flavour that becomes more pronounced over time. This cheese is so mild that it will find favour with children and those with distinguishing palates alike.

It comes in many different varieties, including a lighter version that has just as much taste as the regular version. It is sold in blocks or pre-sliced. 

ANCO Plain Havarti
M.F.: 23% Moisture: 50%

ANCO Light Havarti
M.F.: 17% Moisture: 55%

ANCO Creamy Havarti
ANCO Havarti with Dill
ANCO Havarti with Fines Herbs
ANCO Havarti with Jalapeno
ANCO Havarti with Garden Vegetables
ANCO Havarti with Tomatoes & Basil
M.F.: 32% Moisture: 45%

ANCO Havarti is available at most supermarkets.

Awards and distinctions

2015 British Empire Cheese Show competition bronze medal winner, in the Semi-firm Cheese class.


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