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Alfred Le Fermier

Alfred Le Fermier

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M.F. : 31% Moisture : 39%

Made with organic raw milk drawn from Holstein cows on the family farm, this is a firm, cooked pressed cheese with a washed rind. It is ripened for eight months on wood boards from the farm. The orange-coloured rind has a forest and mushroom aroma. The cheese features a yellow straw colour, a scattering of small holes, a firm but supple texture and a complex fruit, hazelnut, honey and rustic, woody taste.

The cows are fed fresh grass in pastures with a variety of plants, including white and wild clover, lotus, alfalfa, as well as grasses such as timothy and brome grass. These living crops provide the cheese with tastes that are specific to the Estrie region, which itself is strewn with steep hills, valleys and mountains.

Alfred Bolduc is the patriarch founder of the Bolduc farm, and the first to have settled in Compton. He left the Beauce region in the early 20th century in order to cultivate the rich and fertile agricultural lands of the Estrie, and he raised his family there. Chosen in his honour, the name Alfred Le Fermier cheese also underscores the quality of the cheese as a “farm cheese”; a cheese made with the milk from a single herd.

The Alfred Le Fermier cheese is available from the cheese maker, at specialty grocery stores and cheese shops, and in most supermarkets.

Awards and distinctions

Alfred Le Fermier: 2015 World Cheese Awards Super Gold medal winner, the highest award in the Firm Farm Cheese category. Awarded with two special distinctions at the 2014 Sélection Caseus competition, Best Raw Milk Cheese and Best Organic Cheese, as well as finalist in the Firm Cheese with Washed, Mixed or Natural Rind category. 2012 Caseus Argent winner, as well as laureate of the 2011 Sélection Caseus Prix de l’École de laiterie in two categories, the Firm Cheese and the Best Organic Cheese categories.

Alfred Le Fermier 18 months: 2016 Canadian Cheese Awards finalist in the Best Organic Cheese category. 2015 Caseus Longaevi winner at the Sélection Caseus competition and 2015 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix winner in 2 categories, in the Washed or Mixed Rind Firm Cheese category and in the Organic Cheese category.

Alfred Le Fermier 24 months: 2013 Caseus Longaevi winner at the Sélection Caseus competition.


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