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Allégro 4%
Allégro 4%
Allégro 4%
Allégro 4%
Allégro 4%

Allégro 4%

Fromagerie de St-Hyacinthe - Agropur



M.F. : 4 % Moisture : 55 %

This firm lactose-free cheese contains only 4% fat. One 30 g cube provides 20% of the recommended daily calcium intake and 11 g of protein. Keeps you satisfied until the next meal!.

Allégro 4%
If you’ve got the munchies and want a nutritious snack, Allégro 4% cheese is the healthy solution.

Allégro Probio 4%
Discover brand new Allégro Probio, the only low fat cheese with active probiotic cultures that help maintain your intestinal health. Your health is important to us. That is why Allégro Probio researchers have incorporated two active probiotic cultures in your regular Allégro 4% cheese. You can therefore enjoy all the benefits of Allégro cheeses, as well as those of probiotics.

Allégro 4% with Jalapeno
Tired of your traditional chicken panini? Spice it up with Allégro Jalapeño cheese!

Allégro 4% Herbs & Spices
That lunchtime salad just isn’t enough to satisfy your hunger? Add some cubes of Allégro Herbs & Spices cheese to tantalize your tastebuds and satisfy your appetite.

Allégro cheeses are available from the cheese maker and in most supermarkets.


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