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L'Ancêtre Le Port-Royal
L'Ancêtre Le Port-Royal
L'Ancêtre Le Port-Royal

L'Ancêtre Le Port-Royal

Fromagerie L'Ancêtre



M.F. : 7% Moisture : 55%

This gluten- and lactose-free semi-firm organic cheese is made from 100% Canadian pasteurized skim milk. With only 7% milk fat and 50% less salt than L'Ancêtre Frugal, it’s a light cheese that comes in three different flavours:

- Le Port-Royal – Garlic and Parsley

- Le Port-Royal – Red and Green Peppers

- Le Port-Royal – Red Pepper and Jalapeño

The Fromagerie L'Ancêtre is located in the Saint-Grégoire area of the city of Bécancour, known for its Acadian roots. The two main roads proudly bear the name Port-Royal and Des Acadiens. It was not until the Acadian deportation of 1755 that a colony dynamic enough to support a sustainable community took hold. The territory of Saint-Grégoire was built up over three successive waves of settlers, whose story reads like an epic tale shaped by diverse twists of fate. (Source)

Le Port-Royal line of cheese was so named in honour of these Acadians who built the beautiful village of Saint-Grégoire.

The reduced-fat cheese expands Fromagerie L’Ancêtre’s family of light cheeses, which already includes L'Ancêtre Frugal, L'Ancêtre Mozzarella and L'Ancêtre Cheddar Léger (mild, medium and strong).

L’Ancêtre Le Port-Royal is available from the cheese maker and mainly in health food stores.


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