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M.F. : 25% Moisture : 52%

This semi-firm, unripened cheese is made from pasteurized milk. It is a Halloumi-type cheese that truly stands out from other similar cheeses for its distinctive slightly salty and spicy taste which comes from Middle East spices called nigella and mahlab. They give it subtle aromas of star anise, cumin and coconut.

As it maintains its shape when heated, this cheese is perfect when grilled in the pan or in raclette, or skewered on the BBQ. This roasted eggplant dip goes wonderfully well with Baya bites. Also, do not hesitate to combine Baya with watermelon and zaatar for refreshing aperitif skewers.

A must! Also add it, cut into small cubes without being grilled, as a topping in a soup hot. Its light taste of coconut will particularily please your taste buds in pumpkin soups made with coconut milk and Asian soups, for example.

Baya is available from the cheese maker, in specialty grocery stores and cheese shop, and some supermarkets, such as Super C. Do not hesitate to ask your grocer.


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