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Biobio Aged Cheddar
Biobio Aged Cheddar
Biobio Aged Cheddar

Biobio Aged Cheddar

Fromages biobio (processor)



M.F. : 36% Moisture : 33%

This lactose-free, rindless firm cheese is made with organic, thermized milk. Extra-sharp cheddar (aged 1 year and over) has a melting texture. Its buttery, nutty taste is a bit stronger than that of the Biobio Cheddar The more aged it is, the more tiny salt crystals are perceptible.

It is available in different varieties:

Biobio Cheddar Extra-Sharp 1 year
Lactose-free and ripened for 12 months

Biobio Cheddar Extra-Sharp 2 years
Lactose-free and ripened for 24 months

Biobio Cheddar Extra-Sharp 3 years
Lactose-free and ripened for 36 months

These delicious, carefully aged cheddars go perfectly with a dark or black beer. Extra-sharp cheddar is also ideal in the second or third service of a wine and cheese tasting, accompanied by various fruits, nuts and bread.

Biobio cheeses are high-quality organic cheeses that contain no chemical dyes, artificial flavours or synthetic additives. They are also made using microbial enzymes derived from a vegetable source, not with rennet. The certified-organic milk used to make the cheeses comes from cow herds raised on Quebec family farms. The pastures, forage and grain used to feed them contain no synthetic products such as pesticides or fertilizers and no GMOs.

The Biobio Aged Cheddar is available in several cheese shops, in specialty grocery stores and in supermarkets.


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