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Biobio 7% Cheese

Biobio 7% Cheese

Fromages biobio (processor)



M.F. : 7% Moisture : 55%

This rindless, lactose-free semi-firm cheese is made of partly skimmed, pasteurized organic milk. The six-month aging process gives it a Cheddar taste and a milky aroma. With only 7% fat, Biobio 7% Cheese is for dieters and anyone looking for a great cheese to enjoy with meals and light snacks.

Biobio cheeses are quality organic products that contain no chemical colouring, artificial flavours or synthetic additives. They are also made with plant-based microbial enzymes instead of animal rennet. The certified organic milk used in the cheese making process comes from dairy herds raised on Quebec family farms. The pasture, forage and grains they are fed contain no synthetic products (e.g., pesticides, fertilizers) or GMOs.

Biobio 7% Cheese is available in several cheese shops and specialty grocery stores as well as in supermarkets.


Delicate and light

These dry and often delicate wines are unique for their pale colour, simple fruit aromas and fresh, crisp quality that arises from their acidity.

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