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Brins de Gouda Bergeron

Brins de Gouda Bergeron

Fromagerie Bergeron



M.F. : 28 % Moisture : 43 %

Made fresh daily from pasteurized milk, this firm cheese is the only Gouda-style curd cheese in the country. Its unique fabrication process allows it to be refrigerated for four to five days without altering its famous flavour or its texture. This cheese’s mild flavour and soft texture really set it apart. Brins de Gouda Bergeron is particularly enjoyable on its own, or try it in a poutine!

Here’s an interesting and unusual fact: the recipe for Brins de Gouda Bergeron is patented, which goes to show just how original this cheese is.

Brins de Gouda Bergeron is available from the cheese maker. It is distributed mainly in the greater Québec area but is also available in Costco stores in the Montréal and Trois-Rivières regions.


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