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Saputo Caciocavallo
Saputo Caciocavallo

Saputo Caciocavallo

Fromages Saputo – Montreal



M.F. : 24% Moisture : 45%

Made from pasteurized milk, this firm, stringy cheese is still hand-moulded into a pear shape. Unlike the smoked Caciocavallo, the traditional Caciocavallo is yellowish. The cheese is mild when young, and its buttery and almond taste becomes more pronounced with age.

Liven up your vegetable soup by melting a little Smoked Caciocavallo into it. It’s also the perfect topping for a comforting caramelized onion soup. Traditional and Smoked Caciocavallo are both delicious on pizza and even in polenta. It’s a very versatile cheese!

Saputo Caciocavallo is available at most supermarkets.

Awards and distinctions

2013 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair 1st prize winner and 2011 3rd prize winner, Hard Cheese class.

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