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Camembert de Portneuf

Camembert de Portneuf

Fromagerie Alexis de Portneuf – Saint-Raymond



M.F. : 32% Moisture : 46%

This soft cheese with a fine bloomy rind is made from pasteurized milk and cream. It has a creamy and supple interior with a melting texture and an aromatic and distinctive flavour.

The Camembert cheese is said to have been invented during the French Revolution, when a priest from the Brie region, carrying with him the recipe for a local cheese, found refuge in the home of Marie Harel in Camembert, Normandy. The farm lady followed the recipe using the milk of her Norman cows, which resulted in the creation of the characterful Camembert cheese.

Camembert de Portneuf is available from the cheese maker, at specialty grocery stores and cheese shops and in most supermarkets.

Awards and distinctions

3rd prize winner at the 2016 American Cheese Society competition in the Camembert Made From Cow's Milk class.


Aromatic and mellow

These dry wines are characterized by fairly strong aromas of spice, toast or exotic fruit. In the mouth, they carry a rich and well-balanced texture.

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