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Fromagerie F.X. Pichet



M.F. : 29% Moisture : 48%

This soft, organic, washed-rind cheese is made with thermized milk and ripened for 60 days. Under its orange, slightly humid and sticky rind is a soft cheese which is supple, smooth, uniform and punctuated by small openings. It has milky, hay and herb aromas and a rich texture. The taste reveals hints of cream and salted butter which give way to a unique black olive flavour.

Champlain was launched in 2008 and is named after the town where the F.X. Pichet farm is located and where the cheese is made before being ripened at the cheese maker. The town of Champlain is also the hometown of the cheese maker, Marie‑Claude Harvey.

The Champlain cheese is available from the cheese maker, at specialty grocery stores and cheese shops, and in most supermarkets.  

Awards and distinctions

2016 and 2014 finalist at Sélection Caseus competition in the Soft Cheese with a Washed, Mixed or Natural Rind category. Awarded the 2009 Sélection Caseus Prix de l’École de laiterie in the Soft Cheese category.


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