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Cheddar Coaticook
Cheddar Coaticook
Cheddar Coaticook
Cheddar Coaticook
Cheddar Coaticook

Cheddar Coaticook

Laiterie de Coaticook



M.F. : 31% Moisture : 39%

This firm, rindless cheese has a smooth and elastic texture. Its cream colour can vary depending on the season during which it was produced and on what the dairy herd was fed. This cheddar offers up a buttery aroma and a mild, velvety taste that evolves with age. Cheeses from the Laiterie de Coaticook are made with premium milk and without modified milk ingredients.

Cheddar Coaticook is available in several varieties:

Mild cheddar                                                                              
Made with pasteurized milk, it is available in white, yellow or marbled blocks. The texture of this young cheddar is smooth and elastic. Its natural, yellow colour is derived from the seeds of a tropical plant called Bixa orellana. Aged Cheddar is also available.
M.F: 31% Moisture: 39%

Semi-pressed and SLAB (unsalted)
These cheeses are made daily with pasteurized milk.
M.F: 27% Moisture: 42%

Cheese curds
This cheese is made daily with pasteurized whole milk. They are the best cheese curds in Coaticook!
M.F.: 27 %  Moisture: 42 %

Cheddar Coaticook is a multi-purpose cheese that is great as a snack, in soups, cooked dishes, omelettes or quiches or in a variety of deserts and pastries.

All of these cheddar varieties can be found at the Laiterie de Coaticook, as well as in most supermarkets.


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