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Riviera Cheddar
Riviera Cheddar
Riviera Cheddar
Riviera Cheddar
Riviera Cheddar

Riviera Cheddar

Laiterie Chalifoux



M.F. : 31% Moisture : 39%

This firm rindless cheese has a shiny surface and is made of pasteurized milk that comes mainly from farms in the Sorel-Tracy region. In response to growing demand from consumers, the Laiterie Chalifoux tested the lactose levels of its cheese, including its fresh Cheddar, and they are so low that that they are considered lactose-free cheeses.

Riviera Mild Cheddar
M.F.: 31% Moisture: 39%
Available in white, yellow or marbled blocks, with a flavour of butter and cream, and a touch of acidity that gives it a sharp, fresh taste. It is a hit with fresh fruit and in salads, quiches, omelettes, soups, gratins and sandwiches.

Riviera Cheese curds
M.F.: 29% Moisture: 43%
With several awards under its belt as well as more than 50 years of history, the popular Riviera cheese curds are known for their fresh and delicious taste, as well as their high-quality workmanship. This lightly salted white cheddared cheese has a light butter and cream flavour, and a touch of acidity that gives it a sharp, fresh and soft taste. Eat them fresh to delight your ears as well as your taste buds. It is a hit as a snack or in salads, quiches, omelettes, soups and of course poutine!

Riviera Cheddar is available from the cheese maker and in most supermarkets in the Montérégie, the greater Montreal and Quebec City.

Awards and distinctions

Riviera Cheese Curds: Finalist at the 2015 Sélection Caseus competition in the Best Daily Fresh Cheese Curds category. Winner of two awards at the 2012 Sélection Caseus contest and first in 2008 and 2007 as well as second in 2005 in its respective category for the same contest.

Riviera Mild Cheddar: Mild Cheddar (aged 3 months) category Champion at the 2009 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix.


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