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Cheddar Le Gédéon

Cheddar Le Gédéon

Fromagerie Médard



M.F. : 31% Moisture : 39%

Aged in a vacuum-sealed package and ripened over 8 to 12 months, this firm, rindless farm cheese is made with pasteurized whole milk from the family farm’s herd of Brown Swiss cows. The cows are grazed during the summer and fed dry hay in the winter, which gives the cheese a taste that varies slightly with the seasons. Its pale yellow interior is slightly crumbly but creamy in the mouth. This fruity Cheddar goes well with a nice aged port and is very versatile when used in cooking. Try it in your next chili; reinvent your shepherd’s pie and even your cakes!

The cheese was named Le Gédéon in honour of Saint-Gédéon, the village where the cheese maker is located in the Lac-Saint-Jean region.

Cheddar Le Gédéon is available at the Fromagerie Médard, in most specialty grocery stores and cheese shops in the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean region as well as in some grocery stores in Quebec.


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