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Cheddar Lemaire
Cheddar Lemaire
Cheddar Lemaire
Cheddar Lemaire

Cheddar Lemaire

Fromagerie Lemaire



M.F. : 28% Moisture : 42%

This firm rindless cheese is made from pasteurized milk. It is available in several varieties:

Lemaire cheese curds
M.F. 28%, moisture 42%

With a dedication to providing a fresh, quality product, the Fromagerie Lemaire is renowned for its traditional cheese curds, which it serves daily, hot and straight from the vat. The cheese has a rich taste and a soft, smooth texture, and is recognizable to the squeaking noise it makes when you eat it.

Lemaire unripened cheese
M.F. 28%, moisture 42%

Both mild and elastic in the mouth, this cheese stands out for its freshness. It is available white or marbled, in blocks or grated, and its light buttery taste appeals to all taste buds.

Lemaire unripened cheese with herbs
M.F. 28%, moisture 42%

Fresh from the vat every Friday, this cheese is made very supple by the fresh mixed herbs, including parsley and oregano, added during production.

Mild Cheddar Lemaire – aged 3 months
Medium Cheddar Lemaire – aged 6 months
M.F. 31%, moisture 39%

This cheese has a stronger nutty and buttery flavour than unripened cheese. See also Aged Cheddar Lemaire.

These cheeses are available from the cheese maker’s two outlets in Saint-Cyrille and Saint-Germain as well as in convenience and grocery stores around Drummondville and Trois-Rivières.

Awards and distinctions

Lemaire cheese curds: Finalist at the 2014 Sélection CASEUS and 1st prize winner of the École de laiterie award at the 2013 Sélection CASEUS in the cheese curds made fresh daily category.


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