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Les P’tits Victoria Cheddar
Les P’tits Victoria Cheddar
Les P’tits Victoria Cheddar

Les P’tits Victoria Cheddar

Fromagerie Victoria



M.F. : 31 % Moisture : 39 %

Free from added proteins or other substitutes, this firm cheese is 100% made with pasteurized whole milk directly from farms in the region. Although it is firm, its texture is always soft and slightly crumbly. This texture changes as the Cheddar ages: from smooth and creamy, it becomes more crumbly and its slight flavour of hazelnut becomes more pronounced—it becomes sharper without losing its creamy touch.

The Cheddar Les P’tits Victoria comes in different varieties:

Mild Cheddar
Medium Cheddar
M.F.: 31%, moisture: 39%
Its texture gradually changes from semi-soft to slightly firm. It keeps its smoothness while being slightly crumbly. It has a tangy flavour and a subtle hint of hazelnut flavour.

For cheddar aged 1 year or more, see Les P'tits Victoria Aged Cheddar.

Hot Pepper Cheddar
Sundried Tomatoes Cheddar
M.F.: 31%, moisture: 39%
This reddish cheese is dotted with small pieces of tomatoes. It has a smooth and creamy texture like a semi-soft cheese. Very creamy to the palate, it features a sundried tomato flavour, a sense of sweetness with a slight bitterness and a hint of basil.

Olive Cheddar
M.F.: 31%, moisture: 39%
This cream-coloured cheese is tinted by the presence of Kalamata olives. It has a slightly fruity aroma and a smooth, semi-soft texture. It is very creamy to the palate and has a slight flavour of olives complemented with a subtle bitterness.

Cheddar with Garlic and Herbs
M.F.: 31%, moisture: 39%
Speckled with colour from the herbs it contains, this cheese has a garlic aroma and flavour supplemented with herbs. Like its peers, it is creamy and smooth.

Smoked Cheddar
M.F.: 31%, moisture: 37%
This cheese is smoked using natural maple wood. The smoked Cheddar has a mild smoke aroma that evokes memories of campfires.

Cheese Curds
Every day, the cheese maker also makes fresh Cheddar with traditional methods (regular and curled-style cheese curds, unsalted cheese, etc.).

Les P'tits Victoria Cheddar is available in one of the cheese maker's branches located in Victoriaville, Saint-Nicolas, Warwick and Lévis, in addition to many food markets throughout Quebec. Consult the sales points list on the cheese maker's website.


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