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Cheddar Littoral
Cheddar Littoral
Cheddar Littoral
Cheddar Littoral
Cheddar Littoral

Cheddar Littoral

Fromagerie du Littoral



M.F. : 30% Moisture : 42%

This firm, natural rind farm cheese is made with pasteurized whole milk drawn from Holstein cows on the cheese maker’s family farm. “A unique cheese made from unique milk,” is what they say. This fresh Cheddar has a smooth texture and a hazelnut taste.  As the cheese ages, its taste becomes stronger and its texture creamier. It is available in all-white blocks or layered in two colours (orange and white). The cheese maker also makes an aged Cheddar (1 to 4 years) called L’Épave.

Cheese curds
These cheese curds are made fresh daily without modified milk ingredients and are available in several varieties: BBQ, Bas-Saint-Laurent salted herbs, tomato and basil, pesto and pepper.

The cheese maker likes to produce cheeses with names that refer to the sea, because it is located in Baie-des-Sables, on the shores of the St. Lawrence. That explains the name Cheddar Littoral (coastal Cheddar). “Come visit us for a rewarding experience at a coastal farmstead cheese maker’s,” says the cheese maker, who is located right across from a rest area on route 132.  

The Cheddar Littoral is available from the cheese maker, as well as in the markets and convenience stores of Baie-des-Sables in Gaspésie.

Awards and distinctions

The Fromagerie du Littoral won an award in 2007 for its contribution to environmental preservation of agricultural areas.


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