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Cheddar Qualité Summum
Cheddar Qualité Summum
Cheddar Qualité Summum
Cheddar Qualité Summum
Cheddar Qualité Summum

Cheddar Qualité Summum

Fromagerie Qualité Summum



M.F. : 31% Moisture : 39%

This firm, rindless cheese has a shiny surface and is made of pasteurized milk that comes mainly from the Saint-Hyacinthe region.

Cheddar Qualité Summum
M.F.: 31%, moisture: 39%

Made daily, this cheese is available in white, yellow or marbled blocks. It has a fresh milk, butter and hazelnut taste. It is delicious on morning toast or as a snack with fruits and nuts, in appetizers, salads or omelets, and in scones, soups and dishes served au gratin. Also available in flavoured and aged varietie.

Cheese curds
M.F.: 29%, moisture: 42%

Daily fresh cheese curds from the Fromagerie Qualité Summum are legendary in Saint-Hyacinthe. They are known for their fresh and delicious taste and for their high-quality workmanship, and also because this white cheddared cheese is available in an unmatched range of flavours:

- Herbs
- Sea salt
- Jalapeno
- Sundried tomato

These cheeses are available from the cheesemaker and in some grocery stores in Montérégie, from Granby to Longueuil, and in Montréal.


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