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St-Georges Cheddar

St-Georges Cheddar

Fromagerie Proulx



M.F. : 31% Moisture : 39%

St-Georges is a firm, unripened and rindless cheese made with pasteurized milk mainly from farms located near the cheese maker. This allows the cheese to preserve the premium aromatic qualities of the milk as well as the subtle flavours that are unique to the soil in St-Georges-de-Windsor. It has a creamy colour, a buttery aroma and a hazelnut taste that becomes stronger with age.

Cheese Curds
Fromagerie Proulx’s cheese curds are manufactured according to an old recipe dating back over 60 years. With 100% pure milk, not skim. Deliciously creamy, these curds are true bits of pleasure that will have you coming back for more. The cheese maker also offers its P’tit Lait cheese, which is the result of the first stage of cheese making, served warm twice a day. There is also a salt-free version available in block format, which is appreciated for its soft texture.

Fromagerie Proulx, a third generation family company, is proud to share their well-established local tradition with you. Over 70 years of artisan cheese makers’ experience went into their cheeses, which are made daily using traditional methods and 100% Canadian milk.

The St-Georges cheese is available from the cheese maker, grocery and convenience stores, butcher’s shops as well as specialty cheese shops in the greater Sherbrooke and Asbestos area.


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