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Fromagerie l'Autre versant



M.F. : 32 % Moisture : 35 %

This semi-soft, washed rind farm cheese is ripened for 60 days and made with raw milk drawn from the Fromagerie l’Autre Versant’s herd of Ayrshire cows. Its orange-brown rind is partially covered by a fluffy white coat. The cheese has a buttery colour, a supple, shiny, melt-in-your mouth interior and a scattering of small holes. Curé-Hébert features a mild aroma of cream, butter, mushroom and a hint of sweetness (honey or caramel). Its taste varies from mild to strong, depending on its age, and is reminiscent of cream, butter, mushroom and roasted seeds. It tastes very slightly rustic and sweet.

Curé-Hébert gets its name from Nicolas-Tolentin Hébert, a priest and founder of the town of Hébertville, where the cheese maker is located. Founded in 1849, Hébertville was the first significant parish in Lac-Saint-Jean. The cheese maker’s ancestors were among its first inhabitants.

The cheese is available at specialty cheese shops and grocery stores. 

Awards and distinctions

Curé-Hébert won no less than three awards at the 2007 Sélection CASEUS competition: CASEUS silver (all categories), first prize in the semi-soft cheeses category and first prize in the washed rind cheeses category.


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