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Farmer La Trappe à Fromage
Farmer La Trappe à Fromage
Farmer La Trappe à Fromage
Farmer La Trappe à Fromage

Farmer La Trappe à Fromage

Trappe à Fromage de l'Outaouais



M.F. : 27% Moisture : 44%

This semi-soft, unripened cheese is made entirely with pasteurized milk from dairy farms in the Outaouais and contains no modified milk ingredients. Le Farmer has an even smoother, creamier texture than the Cheddar made by the same cheese maker.

It is available in a variety of natural flavours:

- Vampir’ail: Garlic and onion Farmer
- Tomato Basilo: Tomato and basil Farmer
- El Fuego: Jalapeño and hot pepper Farmer
- Pizza’olo: Italian herb and spice Farmer
- Farmer with dill
- Farmer with peppers

These cheeses are perfect as hors d’oeuvres. Grated, they also make a wonderful addition to pasta, nachos and tortillas. They pair very well with a chilled rosé or a beer.

The Farmer La Trappe à Fromage is available at any of the cheese maker’s seven locations, in Hull, Gatineau (2), Masson, Cantley, Aylmer and Val-des-Monts, as well as in grocery chains in the Outaouais region.


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