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Ferme des Chutes Aged Cheddar
Ferme des Chutes Aged Cheddar
Ferme des Chutes Aged Cheddar
Ferme des Chutes Aged Cheddar

Ferme des Chutes Aged Cheddar

Fromagerie Ferme des Chutes



M.F. : 34% Moisture : 39%

Interior-ripened for one to six years, aged organic Cheddars from the Fromagerie Ferme des Chutes are made with whole milk produced by a herd of Holsteins on the family farm. The cattle are fed organic herbage, pasture grasses and dry hay in the summer, and grass silage and dry hay in the winter. The milk is pasteurized at low temperature to maintain its nutritional and digestive qualities.

These firm, rindless cheeses are made by hand with the utmost care using a time-honoured production process. Their texture is creamy, not crumbly. As they age, their flavours become more generous, with notes from the various wild and forage crops used to feed the herd of Holstein dairy cows.

The cheese maker is located on the shore of the Ashuapmushuan River, and the names of the cheeses evoke the river’s path and history.

La Chute à Michel (1 Year) Cheddar
La Chute à Michel (Michel Falls) is the second obstacle voyageurs met when they set out on the fur trade route. The waterfall itself is followed by rapids, eddies and islands of rock. The power and variations of the waterfall are matched by this one-year aged Cheddar.

La Chute à l’Ours (2 Year) Cheddar
La Chute à l’Ours (Bear’s Falls) is the third obstacle encountered on a long trip down the fur trade route. It is a long series of steep falls, whirlpools, rocky capes and wooded islands in an enchanting setting. The power, variations and range of this waterfall are matched by this two-year aged Cheddar.

La Chute Chaudière (3 Year) Cheddar
Halfway through a difficult journey on the fur trade route, voyageurs encountered a formidable obstacle. In a place where the river rushes furiously, a canal more than a kilometre long is worn directly into rock. With time, the rushing water carved a number of whirlpools directly into the granite. The natural beauty culminates in a roaring, pounding waterfall. La Chute Chaudière makes a strong impression, as does the boldness of this three-year aged Cheddar.

L’Ashuapmushuan Special Reserve (6 Year) Cheddar
L’Ashuapmushuan Special Reserve Cheddar is the oldest Cheddar in the cheese shop, aged for six years and selected from a limited special reserve. It has a creamy, elastic texture and a bold, rich flavour, with notes of butter, hazelnut and almond, and a fruit pit finish reminiscent of cherry or other stone fruits. The great Ashuapmushuan River is a major tributary of Lac Saint-Jean. It once allowed the French and Native peoples alike to travel north to trade furs, and helped ensure the survival of French in Canada. The power of the river is echoed in the boldness of this six-year aged Cheddar, which has a strong and unique taste.

Different varieties of Ferme des Chutes Aged Cheddar are available in most specialty cheese shops and supermarkets. 


Aromatic and mellow

These dry wines are characterized by fairly strong aromas of spice, toast or exotic fruit. In the mouth, they carry a rich and well-balanced texture.

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Aromatic and supple

These medium-bodied wines offer supple tannins that of ten carry a certain roundness. They are usually dominated by aromas of ripened fruit or woody notes (toast, coffee or vanilla).

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