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Fleurs d’Ail
Fleurs d’Ail
Fleurs d’Ail
Fleurs d’Ail
Fleurs d’Ail

Fleurs d’Ail

Le Fromage au Village



M.F. : 30% Moisture : 39%

This firm unripened cheese is made with pasteurized milk. The lighter, milder side of garlic scape is added for extra flavour. Perfect as a snack or appetizer, it can also be added to certain dishes, especially as a topping for browning. Give it a try in this Lamb kofta with nuts and honey recipe.

The Fleur d’Ail cheese is available from the cheese maker, in specialty grocery stores and cheese shop, and some supermarkets.

Awards and distinctions

2016 Sélection Caseus competition finalist, Cheese Flavoured with Added Particulate Solids (Spices, Vegetables, Fruits or Nuts) class.

2015 3rd prize winner at the British Empire Cheese Show, Flavoured Firm Cheese class.

2006 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix finalist.


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