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Fondue aux 3 fromages de l’Isle
Fondue aux 3 fromages de l’Isle

Fondue aux 3 fromages de l’Isle

Fromagerie Île-aux-Grues & 1001 Fondues


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The 1001 Fondues made this fondue from three fine Île-aux-Grues cheeses: Tomme de Grosse-Île, Le Canotier de L’Isle and Aged Cheddar Île-aux-Grues. The Île-aux-Grues cheese maker makes its cheese only with milk from the island’s dairy farms for a perfect blend of freshness and quality!

This ready-to-heat fondue can be prepared in a fondue pot or in the microwave. It is delicious with baguette, deli meats, fresh or dried fruit, and raw or cooked vegetables.


The Fondue aux 3 fromages de l’Isle is available at specialty cheese shops and in some grocery stores.


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