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Fondue des Basques Légèrement Fumée

Fondue des Basques Légèrement Fumée

Fromagerie des Basques & 1001 Fondues


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This fondue was carefully crafted and developed by 1001 Fondues using cheeses from the Fromagerie des Basques. Unlike the Fondue des Basques traditionnelle, it is made with Trésor du Fumoir, a maple-smoked cheese. This lightly smoked fondue is a first in the world of ready-to-use fondues. It works very well as a main dish for two people or as a starter for four. It pairs wonderfully with smoked meat. Mini-potatoes, pickled pearl onions or even marinated gherkins also marry very well with the flavours of this unique fondue. 

La Fondue des Basques Légèrement Fumée is available at the Fromagerie des Basques and in the refrigerated section of supermarkets, convenience stores and service stations as well as in several fine grocery stores and specialty grocery stores, from La Pocatière to the Gaspésie region and all the way to the border of New Brunswick.


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