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M.F. : 16% Moisture : 67%

Fréchette is a fresh pasteurized cow milk cheese. Its a perfect alternative to richer cream cheese.

Fréchette - Garlic and herbs
The Fréchette with garlic and herbs will bring freshness to your bagels, raw vegetables and it can even be added to mashed potatoes.

Fréchette - 3 Peppers
Freshness and warmth are combined in the Fréchette with 3 peppers that will delight freshly ground pepper lovers.

The name Fréchette is a reference to the name that runs on both sides of the cheesemakers family, mother and father. The sound of the name evokes freshness.


Fréchette is available from the cheese maker, at specialty grocery stores and cheese shops, and in some supermarkets.

Awards and distinctions

Fréchette - Garlic and herbs
2016 Sélection Caseus competition winner, Flavoured Cheese with Spices, Vegetables, Fruits or Nuts class.


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