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Fromagerie Roy Cheddar

Fromagerie Roy Cheddar

Fromagerie Roy



M.F. : 31% Moisture : 39%

This unripend firm cheese is made of pasteurized milk. Its sweet and slightly acidic cream flavor will seduce you.

White, yellow or marbled, this Cheddar is also offered in various cuts and sizes.

Cheese Curds
M.F .: 31%, moisture: 41%
This daily fresh cheese is offered nature or flavoured with herbs or BBQ.

Fromagerie Roy Cheddar is available from the cheese maker and in several food markets in Lanaudière.


Delicate and light

These dry and often delicate wines are unique for their pale colour, simple fruit aromas and fresh, crisp quality that arises from their acidity.

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Fruity and vibrant

These dry wines have a fruity, floral nose while offering a certain richness on the palate. Their acidity gives them a pleasant liveliness.

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