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Galbani Fresh Mozzarella

Galbani Fresh Mozzarella

Parmalat Canada - Victoriaville Factory



M.F. : 20 % Moisture : 60 %

Made in Quebec

This fresh soft cheese is made with pasteurized milk and cream. Galbani® was founded in 1882 by Egidio Galbani, a man whose passion for crafting the finest Italian cheese available was widely recognized. His attention to detail was impeccable and the brand quickly became Italy's favourite and most trusted cheese brand.

And though it is still Italy's #1 cheese brand, they proudly bring to Quebec the same tradition and passion for excellence that Egidio Galbani had when he first began crafting fine Italian cheese more than 125 years ago. In Quebec, the Galbani Fresh Mozzarella has been freshly crafted by Parmalat Canada since 2014.

Serve sliced or cut in cubes on salads, pizzas, pasta or mixed with dips and salad dressings.

The Galbani Fresh Mozzarella is available in most supermarkets.

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