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La Dame du Lac

La Dame du Lac

Fromagerie Le Détour



M.F. : 10% Moisture : 56%

This semi-soft cheese with a bloomy rind is made with pasteurized skim milk. It has a soft, orangey rind covered lightly with a white bloom. It smells of mushrooms and cellar. The cheese has a smooth, creamy interior that ranges in colour from ivory to straw yellow and is marked with small holes when young. These holes disappear with age to create a smooth, runny interior. La Dame du Lac has a delicate lactic flavour of cream and butter.

The name of the cheese refers to a flower typically found in the city of Notre-Dame-du-Lac, a pinkish daylily. The pastoral scene depicted on the label is representative of the mild, delicate character of this low-fat cheese, which many are pleasantly surprised by.

La Dame du Lac is available from the cheese maker and at specialty cheese shops.

Awards and distinctions

La Dame du Lac won 2nd place in 2013, 2011 and 2007, as well as 3rd place in 2008, in the low fat cheeses category, at the American Cheese Society competition.


Aromatic and mellow

These dry wines are characterized by fairly strong aromas of spice, toast or exotic fruit. In the mouth, they carry a rich and well-balanced texture.

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