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La Fondue du Chef
La Fondue du Chef
La Fondue du Chef
La Fondue du Chef

La Fondue du Chef

Fromagerie F.X. Pichet


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M.F. : 28% Moisture : 45%

A delicious blend of organic cheeses made from thermized milk that includes Baluchon, Réserve la Pérade and Roy Léo. Fromagerie F.X. Pichet guarantees a premium quality, tasty fondue. The texture is soft and smooth, while the taste is delicate and non-acidic.

Original Fondue
This fondue is easily personalized, while still preserving its taste and texture throughout the meal. The recipe is on the packaging and can be prepared in 15 minutes. The cheeses come in small cubes. Simply rub your fondue pot with garlic, heat the wine, beer or apple juice, add the floured cubes and add nutmeg or pepper to taste.

Ready To Use Fondue
And if you prefer, La Fondue du Chef you love is also available in a ready to use version. Nothing to add!

They are available in specialty cheese shops and in some supermarkets.


Fruity and light

These lighter wines are known for their simple fruity scents, their refreshing quality and their subtle tannins. They should be enjoyed in their youth.

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Fruity and vibrant

These dry wines have a fruity, floral nose while offering a certain richness on the palate. Their acidity gives them a pleasant liveliness.

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