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Fondue Victor et Berthold

Fondue Victor et Berthold

Fromagerie du Champ à la Meule & 1001 Fondues


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Victor et Berthold, the first cheese made by the Fromagerie du Champ à la Meule, can now be enjoyed as a fondue that is ready to serve in just a few minutes. The recipe for this fine-cheese fondue, launched in 2013, was created by 1001 Fondues and uses L’Alchimiste microbrewery’s Claire (clear) beer.

The name, Victor et Berthold, is an homage to generations of Guilbaults who once managed the family farm. Victor is the grandfather and Berthold the uncle of Martin Guilbault, founder of the Fromagerie du Champ à la Meule. The fondue’s label has a reproduction of a photograph from the 1930s, showing Victor and Berthold milking cows.

La Fondue Victor et Berthold is available in specialty cheese shops, as well as some supermarkets, mainly in the Lanaudière region.


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