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La Tomme des Demoiselles

La Tomme des Demoiselles

Fromagerie du Pied-De-Vent



M.F. : 31 % Moisture : 24 %

This semi-soft, pressed, washed-rind farm cheese is surface-ripened for 6 to 8 months and made with thermized whole milk from a single herd of grass-fed Canadienne cows from the Îles-de-la-Madeleine region. Under its straw-yellow rind is a beige cheese that is both firm and smooth in texture. It has butter and fruit aromas and a pronounced, fruity and salty taste.

It has been made in fall and winter since 2005. The name La Tomme des Demoiselles was inspired by a spot near Havre-Aubert, where two charming, well-rounded hills are part of the scenery. Their shape is reminiscent of a woman’s breasts. The hills are known as Les Demoiselles (the young ladies).

La Tomme des Demoiselles is available from the Fromagerie du Pied-De-Vent, at specialty cheese shops and grocery stores, and in some supermarkets. 


Fruity and medium-bodied

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