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L'Ancêtre Mozzarella
L'Ancêtre Mozzarella
L'Ancêtre Mozzarella

L'Ancêtre Mozzarella

Fromagerie L'Ancêtre



M.F. : 20% Moisture : 52%

This semi-soft, lactose- and gluten-free rindless cheese is made from part-skim organic pasteurized milk. It is a cream-coloured mozzarella-type cheese made according to the American method instead of the Italian one, for a cheese that is a little less elastic but melts much more when used for cooking. It has a mild, milky aroma and flavour.

Available in blocks, grated or sliced as well as in two varieties:

L’Ancêtre Mozzarella
M.F.: 20%, moisture: 52%

L’Ancêtre Mozzarella – light
M.F.: 15%, moisture: 52%

A true classic of melting, this mozzarella is perfect for your omelettes, sauces, appetizers, pizzas and au gratin dishes!

L’Ancêtre Mozzarella is available from the cheese maker and mainly in health food stores.


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