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Le Calumet
Le Calumet

Le Calumet

Fromagerie Bergeron



M.F. : 29% Moisture : 42%

Le Calumet
M.F.: 29% Moisture: 42%

Made with pasteurized milk, this lactose-free, firm cheese is interior-ripened for 6 weeks and smoked according to an exclusive method, using specially selected wood. Le Calumet can be enjoyed without tiring of its subtle aromas. While maintaining a constant, slight presence in the mouth, the smokey taste always gives way to the taste of the cheese.

Le Calumet Light
M.F.: 14%  Moisture: 47%

Ripened for 8 to 12 weeks, it contains 56% less fat, but is as tasty as the regular version. The cheese is proof that it is possible to choose a light cheese for its taste and not for its fat content. A blind taste test with 683 people revealed that 44% of them preferred the light version. Take the test yourself! You’ll see that tasting is believing!

Even if the distinctive personality of this cheese makes it tempting to eat on its own at every-day meals or special events, it lends itself beautifully to culinary creativity. It is perfect for raclette, ideal to stuff pork, and it gives turkey, ham, tuna and tomato sandwiches or dishes an extra lift. Le Calumet is an elegant companion for a good port and a great complement to blonde, pilsner beers. Here’s a suggestion: share it by a camp fire—a reflection of the cozy feeling it evokes so well!

Le Calumet cheese, flavoured by fire, has a name that evokes a sacred Native tradition: that of sharing the peace pipe, called calumet de la paix in French. As a peaceful prelude to important meetings, sharing the pipe meant establishing a friendship before engaging in commerce and trade. As a true mark of hospitality, the sacred herbs were lit, their smoke rising to the Great Manitou—a Native super-natural spirit—while one would respectfully hope that prayers be answered.

Le Calumet and Le Calumet Light are available from the cheese maker, at cheese shops and at supermarkets.

Awards and distinctions

Winner at the 2014, 2013, 2011 and 2008 Sélection CASEUS competition, in the Flavored by Smoking, Maceration or with Added Flavour Cheese category. Bronze in its category at the 2010 International Käsiade contest. 1st place at the 2007 British Empire Cheese Show and American Cheese Society contest.


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