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Le Cru du Clocher
Le Cru du Clocher
Le Cru du Clocher
Le Cru du Clocher
Le Cru du Clocher

Le Cru du Clocher

Le Fromage au Village



M.F. : 31% Moisture : 39%

This firm, rindless cheese is made with raw milk drawn exclusively from three herds of cows on neighbouring farms, chosen based on what the cows eat and the microbial quality of the milk. It is available in two stages of ripening.

Le Cru du Clocher
At 6 months, it has a medium-strong taste and a very creamy texture.

Le Cru du Clocher Réserve 2 years
At 2 years, it still has its creamy texture, but it also has more pronounced flavours.

Le Cru du Clocher Crème de Cassis
Aged 6 months, it has an aroma of lightly fermented blackcurrant. The festive red marble effect is created by the crème de cassis L’Échappée Belle, a blackcurrant wine made in the village just down the road from the cheesemaker.

No matter how long it is ripened, Le Cru du Clocher has a marvellous taste that is reminiscent of Cheddars made fifty years ago—when there was a cheese maker in every village.

Le Cru du Clocher has a golden colour and owes its name to its elongated shape that calls to mind the town’s bell.

These variety of cheeses are available at specialty cheese shops and in several supermarkets.

Awards and distinctions

Since February 2016, Le Cru du Clocher, this traditional cheddar cheese made with raw Témiscamingue milk, is internationally recognized by the Slow Food association and was formally added to the Ark of Taste, the world directory of food heritage to be protected. Le Cru du Clocher is the first Canadian cheese to be added to the Ark of Taste.


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