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Le D'Iberville
Le D'Iberville

Le D'Iberville

Fromagerie Au Gré des Champs



M.F. : 31 % Moisture : 44 %

Made with raw milk drawn from the cheese maker’s brown Swiss cows, this semi-soft—almost soft—organic farm cheese has a washed, mixed rind that is pink in colour, crumbly and slightly bloomy. The cheese is pale yellow in colour and strewn with little holes that result from the type of molding. Le D’Iberville is aged for sixty days and features rustic herb aromas and a herbal, floral taste with mushroom overtones. It goes elegantly with an ice wine, a fruity white such as a Riesling or a blond Québec beer.

It has been made since 2000 and its name, Le D’Iberville, comes from the place where it is made. Before municipal mergers, the Fromagerie Au Gré des Champs was located in the town of Saint-Athanase-d’Iberville.

Le D’Iberville is available from the cheese maker, at specialty cheese shops and in supermarkets.


Aromatic and supple

These medium-bodied wines offer supple tannins that of ten carry a certain roundness. They are usually dominated by aromas of ripened fruit or woody notes (toast, coffee or vanilla).

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Fruity and sweet

These wines are set apart by their sugar content. The dominant scent is fruity. Some are lighter (semi-dry), and others are more full-bodied (sweet).

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