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Le Gré des Champs
Le Gré des Champs

Le Gré des Champs

Fromagerie Au Gré des Champs



M.F. : 35% Moisture : 31%

Made with raw milk from a herd of Brown Swiss cows owned by the cheese makers, this firm, organic farm cheese has a natural, rustic orange-brown rind sparsely covered with blue and white mold. This cheese is washed with brine and aged for 90 days without added ferments. It has sweet aromas of grass, cellar, butter and hazelnuts. Dotted with small holes (eyes) and ranging in colour from pale yellow to corn yellow depending on the season, its interior is firm yet flexible. This cheese has strong lactic and fruity flavours, with roasted notes and hints of hazelnuts, clover and caramel.

The name “Le Gré des Champs” was inspired by the way the cheese’s taste and appearance can differ depending on the season and what the cows are eating, from a pasture with 15 types of grasses and flowers in the summer to dry hay in the winter. The milk never sits for more than 12 hours and is processed every morning, leaving its natural ferments intact.

Le Gré des Champs is available from the cheese maker, at specialty cheese shops, and in supermarkets.

Awards and distinctions

Sélection Caseus competition 2006 Caseus Or winner and 1st prize winner in 2011 and 2006, Mixed or Natural Rind Cheese class.


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