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Le Paillasson de l'Isle d'Orléans
Le Paillasson de l'Isle d'Orléans
Le Paillasson de l'Isle d'Orléans
Le Paillasson de l'Isle d'Orléans

Le Paillasson de l'Isle d'Orléans

Fromages de l'isle d'Orléans



M.F. : 28% Moisture : 40%

Made using artisanal methods, this semi-firm cheese is eaten hot. Slice some wedges and cook them in a frying pan over medium heat for 2 to 3 minutes on each side, until the heat reaches the centre of the cheese. Or fry the cheese on top of a raclette grill or on the BBQ. Interestingly, Le Paillasson de l’Isle d’Orléans can be frozen for up to six months without changing its attributes.

This was the first cheese ever created in America! Made on Île d’Orléans since the early days of settling, Le Paillasson de l’Isle d’Orléans (“The Isle d’Orléans Floormat”) was named such because of the reed mat on which it is placed for drying on top of the stove. There are three different ways to enjoy it, depending on the cheese-making step: La Faisselle, a fresh cheese; Le Paillasson, a frying cheese; and Le Raffiné, a soft washed-rind cheese.

The three varieties of cheeses are available from the cheese maker, but currently, only Le Paillasson de l’Isle d’Orléans is distributed to several retail locations in Quebec (see the list of locations on the cheese maker’s website).

Awards and distinctions

Le Paillasson de l'Isle d'Orléans: 2016 Canadian Cheese Awards winner in the Grilling Cheese category. 2015 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix winner, in the Fresh Cheese with grilling properties category, and recipient of the Festival des Fromages Fins de Victoriaville's 2014 Caseus Prix du public, the 2013 Caseus Prix du public, in the Semi-soft cheese category, and 3rd prize in the North American Original Recipe category at the 2011 American Cheese Society’s international competition.


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