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 St-Fidèle Swiss
 St-Fidèle Swiss
 St-Fidèle Swiss
 St-Fidèle Swiss

St-Fidèle Swiss

Fromagerie Saint-Fidèle



M.F. : 27% Moisture : 40%

This rindless, firm lactose-free cheese, is made with pasteurized milk. It has a subtle hazelnut flavour that is enhanced with age. Its interior is dotted with round, well-spread holes. 

This cheese is available in several varieties:

Aged St-Fidèle Swiss
Made from the classic Le St-Fidèle Swiss, but aged for a minimum of six months.

Light St-Fidèle Swiss
M.F.: 17%  Moisture: 45%
A firm, interior-ripened cheese with only 17% fat content. Subtle hazelnut flavour.

Port Macerated St-Fidèle Swiss
A new, interior-ripened firm cheese with an ivory-coloured centre and a purple exterior from the maceration process. Subtle hazelnut flavours with a pleasant hint of Port.

The St-Fidèle Swiss is available from the cheese maker, some grocery stores and specialized cheese shops.

Awards and distinctions

St-Fidèle Swiss (regular)
2016 Sélection Caseus competition finalist, Cheese Ripened with Refining Openings class.


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