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Le St-Félicien Lac-Saint-Jean
Le St-Félicien Lac-Saint-Jean
Le St-Félicien Lac-Saint-Jean
Le St-Félicien Lac-Saint-Jean
Le St-Félicien Lac-Saint-Jean

Le St-Félicien Lac-Saint-Jean

Fromagerie Ferme des Chutes



M.F. : 29% Moisture : 42%

This cheese is similar to Brick and Colby cheese. Made of organic whole milk, pasteurized at a low temperature to conserve all the nutritional and digestive qualities, and ripened whole for two months, this semi-firm, lactose and crust-free cheese has a light yellow colour.

Le Saint-Félicien Lac-Saint-Jean
Features a fine and complex taste, highlighted by the presence of a variety of wild plants found in the diet of Holstein cows, as well as subtle notes of butter with a light finish of hazelnut and almond. It’s a natural fit with crackers, and for all of your snacks and get-togethers. This cheese is guaranteed to charm even the most delicate of palates.

Le Saint-Félicien Réserve spéciale du 150e
This local cheese was specially aged five months longer than regular St-Félicien in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the town of Saint-Félicien in 2015. The cheese is coated in a black wax and the eight-month aging process nicely enhances its taste with notes of butter, almonds and hazelnuts. Its texture is even creamier than that of regular St-Félicien. On the packaging, we see a photo of the historic Taillon bridge, the first covered bridge in Saint-Félicien – facing the cheese-making factory on the Ashuapmushuan River. At the time, it was the longest covered bridge in Quebec, with a distinctive curve at its centre. It was built in 1895, and unfortunately destroyed in a fire in 1908. Given the enthusiasm for this cheese from local and regional customers, the Fromagerie Ferme des Chutes chose to continue making it and to share it with the entire province of Quebec. Without a doubt the next classic on your plate.

Le Saint-Félicien Lac-Saint-Jean is available at the Fromagerie Ferme des Chutes and in Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean grocery stores. Le Saint-Félicien Réserve Spéciale 150e is available at most fine cheese shops throughout Quebec.


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