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Le St-Vallier
Le St-Vallier
Le St-Vallier
Le St-Vallier

Le St-Vallier

Fromagerie du Terroir de Bellechasse



M.F. : 25% Moisture : 48%

This firm, rindless cheese is made with pasteurized milk from around 30 farms in the Bellechasse region, which gives it a subtle local flavour. This halloumi-type cheese is ideal for grilling, since it keeps its shape and does not melt. It is sure to delight your guests, whether you serve it in a raclette, on barbecued skewers or simply grilled in a pan. We suggest serving it plain or with a drizzle of pesto, adding it to your salads and omelets, or even… flambéing it with ouzo!

The cheese maker is proud of their great region, so they named their cheese Le St-Vallier in honour of the municipality where they are located.

Le St-Vallier is available from the cheese maker as well as in grocery stores and specialty cheese shops.

Awards and distinctions

Recipient of the 2012 Sélection CASEUS public’s choice award in the firm cheese category.


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