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Le Zéphyr

Le Zéphyr

Fromagerie des Cantons inc.



M.F. : 35% Moisture : 35%

This firm, uncooked, pressed cheese is made with thermized milk and is surface-ripened for 120 to 180 days. The milk used comes exclusively from the herd of Jersey cows on Pierre Janecek’s farm in Dunham, just a few kilometres from the cheese maker. The cheese is available in two varieties: Le Zéphyr regular, which has a brown, brine-washed rind and Le Zéphyr vinifié, which has purplish-coloured rind from being steeped in a red wine from the region. The cheese has a rustic cellar aroma and a mild taste of fruits and hazelnut. The vinifié variety features the smell and taste of wine throughout. The cheese has a firm texture that is sometimes hard and crumbly and that can also leave traces of crystals in the mouth.

The cheese maker names its cheeses after different types of wind; in 2005, this mild and pleasant cheese was named Zéphyr, which means a light, warm, pleasant breeze.

Le Zéphyr is available from the cheese maker and in specialty cheese shops.


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