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Les Générations Aged Cheddar
Les Générations Aged Cheddar
Les Générations Aged Cheddar
Les Générations Aged Cheddar
Les Générations Aged Cheddar

Les Générations Aged Cheddar

Trappe à Fromage de l'Outaouais



M.F. : 31% Moisture : 39%

This firm, rindless cheese is made entirely with pasteurized milk from dairy farms in the Outaouais and contains no modified milk ingredients. These Cheddars are a cream colour with a buttery aroma and a hazelnut taste that becomes stronger with age.

The Les Générations line of aged Cheddars tells the story of the Hébert family, one of the oldest families of cheese makers in Canada. Four generations of cheese makers are behind La Trappe cheeses, and they are the inspiration for these four Cheddars meticulously aged 2 to 5 years:

- 4e Génération – Mario Hébert: Cheddar aged 2 years
- 3e Génération – Gilles Hébert: Cheddar aged 3 years
- 2e Génération – Dona Hébert: Cheddar aged 4 years
- 1ère Génération – D’Albert Hébert: Cheddar aged 5 years

These aged Cheddars are named “génération” to symbolize a family member from each generation since 1925. Mario Hébert represents the fourth generation of the Hébert cheese maker family. He currently operates the company, which was founded in 1995.

Les Générations Aged Cheddar is available at any of the cheese maker’s seven locations, in Hull, Gatineau (2), Masson, Cantley, Aylmer and Val-des-Monts, as well as in grocery chains in the Outaouais region.


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