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Louis Cyr

Louis Cyr

Fromagerie Bergeron



M.F. : 36% Moisture : 33%

This firm lactose-free cheese is made from pasteurized milk. It is made according to the traditional Dutch recipe using a natural colourant called annatto, which gives it an orange tint. This cheese is aged for at least six months and has a texture that is brittle, smooth and firm, yet slightly creamy when eaten. Its flavour has subtle hints of toffee and fresh hazelnut, while its aroma is milky and sometimes slightly sulphuric. The wheel, with its natural rind, is wrapped in orange plastic to be removed before eating the cheese.

It took the Fromagerie Bergeron years to finally perfect their strong Gouda recipe. In Sylvain Bergeron’s opinion, when you think of “strength” in Quebec, you immediately think of “Louis Cyr.” The cheese’s namesake is a Quebecer said to be the strongest man ever to have lived, with a host of undisputed and unbeatable records.

Louis Cyr cheese is available at cheese shops, specialty shops and IGA stores.

Awards and distinctions

2016 British Empire Cheese Show 1st prize winner, Firm Cheese class.

2016 Caseus Bronze winner and 2015 Caseus Argent winner, as well as 2016 and 2015 winner in the Cheese Ripened without Refining Openings class at the Sélection Caseus competition.

2015 winner at the American Cheese Awards in the Dutch-Style Cheese class.

2015 finalist at the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix, Aged Gouda class.


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