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Magie de Madawaska
Magie de Madawaska
Magie de Madawaska
Magie de Madawaska
Magie de Madawaska

Magie de Madawaska

Fromagerie Le Détour



M.F. : 28 % Moisture : 50 %

This soft, washed-rind cheese is made with pasteurized whole milk that comes exclusively from Jersey cows from the Témiscouata region. Its orange rind is shiny, soft and sticky, sometimes displaying white moss spots. Like the rind, the ivory-coloured interior is sticky. It is chalkier at the centre and smoother towards the exterior. Its texture is supple even when the cheese is young, but as it ages, its chalky part fades and the interior becomes smooth and runny. When it is older, it becomes so runny that it might call for a spoon. Magie de Madawaska has a mild, lactic, woody and earthy aroma that becomes more pronounced with age. Its taste varies from mild to strong, with an earthy, roasted hazelnut and lactic (melted butter) flavour. 

The name “Madawaska” evokes the historical presence of the Malecites, who inhabited the Témiscouata region long before the arrival of the first colonists. Much of the area was known as the seigniory of Madawaska. The word “Magie” (which means “magic”) thus suggests the direct link between the cheese maker and the greater Madawaska region. The image on the label proudly borrows from the historical mural by Claude Picard, an internationally renowned painter from the Edmunston region. In addition, the phrase “Magie de Madawaska” also captures the sentiment of visitors to the Témiscouata region.

Magie de Madawaska is available from the cheese maker and in specialty cheese shops.

Awards and distinctions

2nd prize winner in 2016 and 2010 at the American Cheese Society competition in the Soft-Ripened Washed Rind class.

Best Soft Cheese at the 2014 Canadian Cheese Awards.

Finalist at the 2011 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix in the Soft-Ripened Washed Rind class.


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