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Maître Jules

Maître Jules

Fromagerie 1860 DuVillage



M.F. : 27% Moisture : 55%

This soft, surface-ripened cheese is made from pasteurized milk and cream. Its washed orangey rind is smooth and slightly humid. When young, the cheese has a sweet bread aroma. As it slowly ages, it develops a flavour suggestive of alpine dairy cheeses, with notes of ripe fruit and cooked milk. As the cheese ripens, it becomes runny and creamy, and its rich, intense, fruity flavour lingers on the palate, finishing with notes of floral honey.

Back when Fromagerie 1860 DuVillage belonged to Fromagerie Côté, the owner of the cheese shop, Mr. Côté, welcomed master cheese-making advice from his close friend Mr. Jules Roiseux. When Roiseux died in 2004, Fromagerie 1860 DuVillage decided to pay homage to the man by creating a cheese that would have made him proud: the first 2.5 kg washed-rind Brie, aptly named Maître Jules.

The Maître Jules cheese is available from the cheese maker, at specialty grocery stores and cheese shops, and in most supermarkets.

Awards and distinctions

Finalist at the 2014 Sélection CASEUS competition in the Soft Cheese with a Washed, Mixed or Natural Rind category. It also placed second in its category at the 2007 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.


Aromatic and mellow

These dry wines are characterized by fairly strong aromas of spice, toast or exotic fruit. In the mouth, they carry a rich and well-balanced texture.

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